Deputy Guy De Faye (Transport & Technical Services Minister)

Friday 9th. of December 2005

The minister for transport has announced that he wants to change the Taxi/Cab system. He wants one type of taxis and one telephone number for the public to call. (something that under the old committee system no one has managed to do in the last 20 years!).

 One thing they did was to change Public Rank Taxis to Controlled Taxi-Cabs! and Private Hire to Restricted Taxi-Cabs!! the difference was and still is, the later are free enterprise businesses, the former are states controlled as fares go anyway. It's strait forward enough but Deputy Guy De Faye said "I have never understood why they should be different and I do not believe that most members of the public do" personally I would study the system first to understand it, before trying to change it.

He also said "There are a large number of telephone numbers for different companies and individual drivers that people have to call. All too often you ring up and are told there is a forty minute wait" I don't believe one company would use another's phone number somehow! with the advent of mobile phones individual drivers advertise their number surely suppressing that would be counter productive. However, close the companies down, a bit of a problem that one, but who knows, the First Minister might wave a magic wand...

Thursday 15th. of December 2005

Deputy Guy De Faye wants late night buses, they would have security staff on board to protect the drivers from unruly passengers. The buses would leave as late as 01:30 (clubs close at 02:30!). The time has been deliberately chosen to encourage 'nightclubers' to leave earlier. Doh!

As of September 2007 we have a new bus station. A nice one too, state of the art. It closes at 18:00 because of the fret of vandalism!.

05/02/2008 No change on the Taxi front.

17/08/2009 We have a new Minister for TTS, Mike Jackson, no changes so far.